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Plants come in all forms. Some of the most common plants include flowers and trees which can be found all around us. Most people use a combination of different types of plants in and around the home.

Plants come in all shapes, sizes and colors and we will attempt to cover as many of them as possible.

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Plants Around the House

Of course humans have been using plants for many years in an attempt to beautify their environments including inside and outside of their houses.

What's New at Learning Plants

Aug 09/07 Goldenrod is the newest flower that we have added.
Jun 29/07 Read our article about the Privet garden plant.
Jun 18/07 We have updated our White Fir information page.
May 29/07 Review our updated Doum Palm information.
May 16/07 Read about the Tamarillo tree that produces fruit.
May 13/07 Learn more about the tall Tulip Tree.
May 10/07 Gorse is a shrub which can be found in parts of Europe.
May 09/07 View our updated Twinflower information.
May 07/07 Ragwort is a common species of flower.
May 05/07 Read on about the European Larch tree.
May 02/07 Many consider Red Deadnettle to be an invasive weed.
May 01/07 Read about the nuts that grow on the Pistachio tree.
Apr 30/07 Bloodroot has anti-plaque characteristics.
Apr 29/07 The California Poppy can grow in adverse conditions.
Apr 28/07 The Climbing Fern is usually considered a pest.
Apr 27/07 Bears love to eat the berries from the Bearberry plant.
Apr 26/07 Read all about the Quillwort plant with our article.
Apr 25/07 The Wingnut tree is our newest plant description.
Apr 24/07 Taro is used as a food in the places it is grown.
Feb 23/07 Learning Plants has been officially launched.

Plant Pictures

Our Plant picture gallery contains pictures of many different types of plants both in the wild and in and around the home. If you have any pictures which are not already listed please visit our contact page for more information regarding submitted your pictures of plants.
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